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Alexia Schulz
Alexia Schulz
Digital Marketing Manager
Out now: The new Tradebyte-Connector for Magento 2!

Magento 2.0 offers a flexible, open system architecture, which promises more performance and scalability – but the devil is in the details. Retailers are confronted with..

Next step: Afound conquers Germany and Austria

Exactly one year after our last joint interview with Afound, we are delighted about exciting news from the individual brand within the H&M Group. On May 07th 2020 Afound..

Mirapodo Brand Promotion: More control for brands in the platform business

With a connection to a platform, retailers and brands automatically benefit from a wide reach and a selected customer base. Mirapodo offers all platform partners the..

20 years of myToys – from niche provider to platform for the whole family

The myToys Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over the last 20 years, the company has changed a lot but it has always stuck to its basic idea of “making families..

Tapping potential with Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management (CSM) is a buzzword at the moment. We asked what is understood by CSM and whether the hype is justified. Tradebyte: Christoph, you’re the..

Tradebyte visits MS Direct in St. Gallen for the Partner Experience Day

MS Direct, sponsor at the ECD once again this year, enables brands and retailers trouble-free entry into the Swiss e-commerce market through intelligent cross-border..

Four’s a winner – ECD sets new standards in its fourth year

More than 500 visitors, 400 one-to-one meetings, 30 presentations and an after-show party with a surprise – in its fourth year the ECD on 3rd May surpassed even the highest..