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Meet the Team: Added Services

Partner Management, Consulting, Mapping Services, Training, or Managed Account. If you rely on these services, there is no roadblock on your highway to success in e-commerce. But who is actually behind our services? Let us introduce you to our team.

Katharina Caracciolo, Strategic Partner Manager

Katharina finds the perfect partner for every challenge. With our more than 40 partners, we can support you in all aspects of the marketplace business. No matter if the content, media, translations, logistics, or simply the right tool/system. We know the experts in the industry and connect you with the right contact person. Whether national or international.
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»I am looking forward to the next steps and know that our partners will support us on our way to becoming a one-stop-shop/service provider.«
Katharina, Strategic Partner Manager bei Tradebyte.



Frédérique Bergmann, Team Lead Added Services

Value mapping, error messages, missing images, and products – it can sometimes be quite a hassle to go live quickly on the sales channel of your choice. With our Managed Account Service, this is no longer a problem. We take over your account and ensure high export quotas. We give you a weekly performance update and discuss the next steps together. It is important to Frédérique that the Managed Service Agents are in close contact with our customers. That's how you make it happen together and how we can celebrate our joint success. more >>

»We'll take care of your TB.One account for you to maximise the potential of your brand.« Frédérique, Team Lead Added Services


Frédérique Bergmann, Team Lead Added Services

Value mapping is tricky and your resources are scarce? The change of season is looming extra heavy? This is where we come in with our Mapping Service. We take care of the mapping once, so that you can concentrate on your core competencies internally, while we ensure that your products go live quickly. After exporting the products to the channels, we also handle the error messages which originated from the value mapping. more >>

»Just the right support during the integration process of your booked sales channel or during season change!« Frédérique, Team Lead Added Services



Lisa Schuster, Software Trainer

Lisa loves the direct contact with our customers. Every business is different and the challenges are as varied as the businesses themselves. Sharing experiences is therefore priceless for our software trainer. In our trainings you will learn the basics, processes, and features of TB.One so that you can use the software optimally. Whether individual or group training, whether newcomer or professional, with Lisa you will always learn something new, useful as well as tips and tricks about your TB.One account. more >>

»Do you want to become successful in the marketplace business? Then we look forward to making you a TB.One expert!« Lisa, Software Trainer


Luisa Pscherer, E-Comemrce Consultant

When we kick off with our clients and discuss challenges together and at the end, there is a smart strategy, you know you have laid the foundation for a successful e-commerce journey. This is what makes Luisa proud. Our Consulting Team accompanies brands in their successful entry into Europe's most successful marketplaces and platforms. The team ensures short project runtimes and sustainable success with individual consulting and broad best-practice knowledge. more >>

»We do our best to clear the way to your sales channel of choice! We ensure a smooth entry into the platform business – no matter what challenge you are currently facing, we take it on.« Luisa, E-Commerce Consultant



Here you can find more information about our added services: