Within the next months, it’s finally time to say “Goodbye old error list!” and “Hello, SolutionCenter!”. The Tradebyte SolutionCenter automatically replaces the previous error list, so that all TB.One users can benefit from the advantages of the new feature. Sebastian Straka, Product Owner at Tradebyte and expert for the SolutionCenter, tells us in an interview what these advantages are and what goes along with this change.


Tradebyte: As Product Owner you are THE expert when it comes to the Tradebyte SolutionCenter. Can you tell us what benefits and advantages TB.One users gain with the SolutionCenter?

Sebastian Straka, Product Owner | Tradebyte

Sebastian: When maintaining product data in TB.One, errors can occur and that leads to a product not being online and therefore not being sold. These errors were previously displayed in the TB.One error list. But since we wanted to offer our customers the possibility to correct the errors as quickly as possible in order to exploit all sales potentials, we developed the Tradebyte SolutionCenter. In the SolutionCenter, faulty products are displayed and at the same time solutions are being delivered to bring the product live.

We have also set a focus on improving the performance. The old error list sometimes had an above-average loading time, especially with large amounts of data. The SolutionCenter is able to load a huge number of errors in a short time.

The new interface of the SolutionCenter is also designed to give the user a look and feel for modern applications and is very intuitive.

The effective filters enable our customers to work efficiently. The filters can be put together and saved according to your own wishes and the filtered list can be downloaded. So everyone can create his or her own personal error list.

The SolutionCenter has already been activated last fall and was available until now parallel to the old error list. You have taken over the project in the new year. What has changed since then?

To react even more flexible, our team of experts has been working agile and according to Scrum since the beginning of the year. In close exchange with customers, we have developed best practices. This has enabled us to improve the workflow and further increase the usability of the SolutionCenter. We have also worked on faster error reporting and opted for an event-driven approach. The list of errors is now updated directly as soon as a channel export has taken place.
Also new are the detailed texts describing the various types of error, making troubleshooting even easier.

Within the next months, the old error list will be replaced for good by the new SolutionCenter for all customers. What do customers have to consider during the change?

TB.One users have no to-dos during the change, as it is completely automatic and free of charge. To find the SolutionCenter, log in to TB.One as usual and click on “Articles” in the top left corner. We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ in which we answer many questions about handling etc. If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding the SolutionCenter, our support team is available as usual via ticket.

The SolutionCenter will continue to be optimized in the future. Can you give an outlook?

The goal of the SolutionCenter is to increase the export ratio of our customers by providing an all-encompassing error and solution display. In the next big step, this includes the display of channel errors.

We will also significantly improve error communication and are already testing in this process. As already mentioned, errors are currently always updated in connection with a channel export. This should soon work even faster. The SolutionCenter should also be available for TB.Market in the future.
We highly appreciate the feedback of our customers and would like to continuously develop the SolutionCenter in cooperation with TB.One users. We are happy to receive input, which can be submitted to us at any time via the respective Success Manager.

The SolutionCenter will be automatically activated for all customers within the next months. For further information, please click here, refer to the manual or contact your Success Manager. Why not register directly for the “Our Solution Center – Find the solution to get more products online, by solving the errors easier” webinar on 25.06.2020, at 11 am? Register here.